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Bucket 96 Quotables!

Our co-author, Tricia Offutt, doesn't quite know what to think of the fact that we buckets are becoming social media-savvy. We saw that people like to post quotes and such on places like Facebook and their blogs. We've begun inventing our own bucket quotes. Here is a recent, and let's face it, important public service announcement that we shared with our Facebook fans.

If you're not one of our Facebook fans yet, why not? Please "like" us. We are naturally loveable. Or help us sell a billion-ba-jillion-zillion copies of our book to help provide clean water to those who need it. Visit our online store or get a copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Bucket 96

Five MILLION gallons of clean water!

Today, let's discuss a question that I know you must be thinking about day in and day out. What is it, exactly, that talking buckets do over their summer vacations?

You might expect to see us touring the world to meet with important dignitaries and such or taking in the rides at Disney World.

Good guesses, but, no. Instead, this summer, we decided to stick with what we do best: Save lives through clean water!

And you, our dear Bucket 96 book readers, helped us fulfill that mission.

Thanks to online sales, donations from awesome Bucket 96 fans, and the selling of Bucket 96 books at Luke's LemonAID sale this summer, we raised enough to fund five bucket systems that will go to families in Haiti.

Our co-author was like, "Just five?! But there are so many families who need help! Five isn't enough!"

So, then we had to calm her down (you know how temperamental writers can be) and tell her this: Every drop of clean water matters.

Allow us for a moment to put these five systems into perspective for you like we did for her. That's five entire families who no longer have to fear that dirty water will cause disease and death in their homes. That's five families that now can filter five MILLION gallons of water using Sawyer filters that are so sturdy and easy to care for that they can last for 10 years.

So, dear readers, will you spread the word? Will you tell others to buy the book? Will you help us double, triple, quadruple or better yet bill-zil-onize our book sales so we can help many more families?

Thank you so much!

I remain, as always, your dear friend,

Bucket 96

Bucket 96 Loves Living Water Bookstore

You know, not everyone understands talking buckets at first. But some people are just kindred spirits. For we buckets, one of those kindred spirits is Mr. Gerald Derreberry. He owns a bookstore called Living Water in Murphy, NC.

We are pleased to announce that Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water now is also available at Mr. Derreberry's store. If you're in the area, you can pick up an autographed copy of the book. And if you're not in the area, why not? It's a beautiful spot to visit.

Living Water is located at 3090 Hwy 64W in Murphy, NC. Check them out on Facebook; or call 828-837-9045 for more information.

With appreciation,

Yum, Yum, Yummy! Lemonade time!

Luke -- a real life kid who inspired the character Luke in our book -- will be setting up his LemonAID stand next Tuesday, July 7 in Naperville, IL!

Each summer, Luke and his siblings -- Mitchell and Makayla (Coco) pitch in to raise money for clean water efforts in Haiti.

Their generosity is featured in the newly released book Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water by Tricia Offutt (well, obviously, we buckets wrote the book, but we needed her to type it up for us).

Now, maybe the Midwest is a long way for you to go for a glass of lemonade. Don't worry! You can still support the effort. Here's how:

From now through the end of July, anyone who purchases a copy of the book through or can opt to donate $3.95 per book purchased towards Luke's LemonAID. This does NOT raise your total price. It just lets us know that you want a portion of your purchase to be directly donated to Luke's fundraiser.

This unstoppable sibling team has raised thousands of dollars in a matter of a few years. Become a part of their Bucket 96 story!

Share YOUR Bucket 96 Story!

In Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water, you will meet some really awesome Buckets (like me, Bucket 96, and my pal, Double Oh 7). There are also some pretty cool humans in the book. Both the Buckets and humans end up helping others.

So, what about you? How do you help others in your family, neighborhood, school, church, community, or even someone who lives in a whole different country?

We Buckets (and the Little Lids too!) want to hear YOUR Bucket 96 story. Use our top secret, special form only for helpers like YOU, to tell us your story.

Sincerely, and As Always, Your Most Dear Friend,

Bossy Buck Thinks He's Famous

Well, the book arrived this week -- beautiful, with a shiny, glorious cover! We heard from our co-author that people are already buying copies. This is great because a portion of proceeds from the book sales will help pay for more super-hero, life-saving buckets to help families in Haiti.

But the other main thing I have to tell you today is that Bossy Buck is being outrageous. If you're reading the book and haven't gotten to the spot where you meet Bossy Buck, just wait. You'll see pretty quickly what I mean.

He claims that he will be appearing on several morning talk shows, making the rounds of talk radio, appearing online in videos, during commercials for prime time TV shows, and on and on and on.

The Little Lids believe anything, so they are busy asking Bossy Buck to gather celebrity autographs. Mr. Sawyer remains silent on the matter. But we buckets will believe it when we see his plane tickets!


Bucket 96

Superhero Buckets Release First Book!

Hi there. Bucket 96 here. I know you might find it strange to stumble upon a blog written by a talking bucket. The Internet has everything these days, doesn't it?

It's not easy for a bucket to type, you know. I have to rely on the patience and understanding of Tricia Offutt, my personal assistant (ok, ok, my co-author), whenever I want to communicate.

The big news for now is this: the book is coming!! The Little Lids can hardly sleep and Bossy Buck is busy lining up appearances on every morning talk show imaginable (even though his name isn't even on the cover).

Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Remember, buy a copy or buy a billion-jillion if you can! But whether you buy one or many, know that a portion of proceeds from every book goes towards clean water efforts in Haiti and other places throughout the world.

Even if you can't be a super hero bucket, you can still help us super hero buckets travel to the neediest places in the world and save lives.

Thank you for your support!

Love, Bucket 96

Ask the Buckets

Do you have a question for one of the characters in Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water? Send the Buckets your question by using the form below. This is the best way to reach Bucket 96, Double Oh 7, and yes, even that Bossy Buck. Want to ask a question of the Little Lids or Mr. Sawyer? Fear not! Bucket 96 will make sure they get your question. Then keep checking the Bucket 96 blog. You never know when they might answer YOUR question!